AMP Calendar change log

Version 2.42
- Fixed: in December the calendar selected the first day instead the current day of that month.
- Some other minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.41
- Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.40
- New font for the calendar and the taskbar icon numbers.
- New option: view only the calendar itself, without borders nor menu bar.
- The taskbar icon can be transparent, and can show the numbers in bold. Also, you can choose
  the font color for transparent icons.
- Reorganized some items in the menu bar.
- The calendar window can be closed with Escape.
- Fixed: changing the first month of the calendar caused an error in some situations.
- Fixed: the program failed to restore the main window from the taskbar icon if a secundary monitor
  was connected or disconnected while the program was active.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 2.30
- Added menu items and key shortcuts for advance/go back the calendar one year.
- Fixed: The program is now properly centered in multi-monitor desktops.
- Fixed: The initial selected date didn't matched the current date and the selected day wasn't
  preserved when changing to another year.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 2.20
- The toolbar now can be hidden.
- Option of showing large icons in the toolbar.
- If the program is already active and it's launched again, the running copy is
  activated instead of showing a warning message.
- Fixed a display problem with certain desktop appearance settings.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 2.15
- Added the option of using a hotkey for showing the calendar.
- Improved print option.
- Added the option of showing the current month as the first calendar item.
- Fixed some display problems when the desktop is set to 120 DPI.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 2.10
- Added the option of printing the calendar.
- Added options for showing the calendar with 1 and 12 columns.
- Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 2.02
- The full current date is now shown in the tray icon tooltip.

Version 2.01
- Updated tray icon graphics.
- Fix: The date of the tray icon is now properly updated.
- Fixed other minor bugs.

Version 2.00
- Remodeled interface:
  * Now you can click in the calendar to set the range of dates displayed.
  * Removed redundant buttons and date selections.
- The program can display the day of the month in the tray icon.
- The first day of the week shown in the calendar can be configured.
- Option of select multiple days for calculating the amount of days between the begin
  and end date.
- Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 1.50
- Configurable calendar colors.
- The first month displayed in the calendar is now configurable.
- New options: Always on Top, Start with Windows, Activate with single click in tray icon.
- The program now displays a warning if it's already active, instead of launching a
  new copy.
- Full support of Windows XP Themes (using Windows XP Theme Manager by Mike Lischke).
- Bug fix: The current date is now updated properly.
- Some other minor changes.

Version 1.0
- First version published in Internet.