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Welcome to the AMPsoft site. Here you can find a selection of freeware programs (more than ten utilities and a few games) that I have been releasing for the last few years. I hope that you find the utilities useful and have fun with the games :-).

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(2010-10-17) PagePing 1.0.1 released. This release adds the option of notify failed pings only.

(2010-10-17) AMP WinOFF 5.0.1 & AMP NetMonitor 1.0.1 released. This releases fix several minor problems of the previous versions, especially in Windows Vista/7.

(2010-09-28) PagePing 1.0.0, AMP NetMonitor 1.0.0, HTML Colors 1.4.0 & Windows Elapsed Running Time 1.6.0 released. Along with two minor updates, there are available two new utilities, one for testing HTTP connections and the other monitoring network transfer. See their respective pages for details.

(2010-09-27) AMP WinOFF 5.0.0 released. This new major release of WinOFF include among other improvements two new shut down conditions, (user inactivity and network inactivity), the option of using several conditions for the shutdown planning and improved compatibility with Windows Vista/7.

(2009-12-08) Screen Saver Control 1.61 released. This version fix a bug that made the power off options fail in some situations (especially in Vista/7).

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